PRS Guitars vs Ibanez: Which Brand is Better?

Are you confused as to which of these brands is the best? Probably you are at the point of making a decision of purchasing a guitar between the PRS and the Ibanez guitar brand?

This guide is suited to help you make the right choice of brand. Let us get into it.

PRS Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Guitars, or PRS Guitars, is an American guitar and amplifier manufacturer. It was created by Paul Reed Smith in 1985 and is situated in Maryland. PRS makes electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and amplifiers.

With its diverse and magnificent guitar range, PRS is one of the leading and most renowned guitar brands, and it continues to innovate and strive for perfection.

The PRS Custom was their first guitar, released in 1985. It became the benchmark for all of their subsequent premium guitars. The PRS Standard followed, which was a factory-made guitar rather than a hand-crafted one.

They now provide a wide range of series and models, including:

  • PRS Custom 24 Guitars
  • PRS Custom 22 Guitars
  • PRS CE24 Guitars
  • PRS McCarty Guitars
  • PRS SE Guitars
  • PRS S2 Guitars
  • PRS Signature Guitars
  • PRS Limited Edition Guitars
  • PRS Acoustic Guitars

Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez has provided outstanding models and services for more than 30 years. Ibanez is a well-known brand in the music industry. The company also caters to the needs of musicians worldwide.

Ibanez provides a wide range of guitar models including; 

  • Electric – AZ, AZES, AZS, RG, RGA, Q, S, SA, X.
  • Acoustics – PF, AE, PA, Artwood, AEG, AEWC.
  • Hollow bodies – AS, AF, AG, AM.

PRS Guitars vs Ibanez

PRS Guitars vs Ibanez

For this comparison, I will be looking at PRS and Ibanez electric guitars in general. Their tone, style, and body amongst other things. Let’s get into it!


Tone –  Ibanez guitars have a punchier sound. 

Ibanez guitars are available in a variety of styles, but most feature at least one humbucker pickup, and the mid-high priced versions, like PRS, are typically built of mahogany. Ibanez guitars, on the other hand, are more likely to have active pickups, which makes them ideal for current metal.

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Ibanez has a reputation for manufacturing a wide range of guitars for many genres.

Style – Ibanez guitars have a more dramatic and aggressive design in terms of style. 

For example, the Ibanez RG8570Z, a flagship model of Ibanez has the following style features;

  • The upper and lower horns of the Ibanez model are sharp.
  • The body of the Ibanez is crisp and flat.
  • Ibanez guitars have a tree-of-life fretboard.
  • The Ibanez’s has dark and thick hardware and tremolo.

There are several unconventional and dramatic shapes offered by Ibanez. With their aggressive designs, Ibanez guitars appeal to metal players.

Neck – Ibanez guitars have necks that are considerably thinner and flatter than PRS guitars. There are several Ibanez guitar models that feature the Wizard neck, which is one of the flattest and thinnest necks available, which makes it ideal for shredding. 

Bridge – Ibanez has its own tremolo system that differs depending on the model. Ibanez bridges enable more dramatic tremolo arm pull-ups. Fixed bridges are also available on PRS and Ibanez guitars, though it is probably simpler to find one on an Ibanez model.

Tone and wood finish -Many of Ibanez’s guitars are constructed of mahogany, although the low-end versions are frequently made of poplar or nyatoh. As a result, the treble frequencies in Ibanez models are much more accentuated. Also, the Ibanez models have narrower bodies and are therefore lighter than PRS models.

Is Ibanez a Good Guitar Brand and Worth the Money?

Is Ibanez a good guitar brand? Ibanez is known to produce guitars that are great, for any level of skill. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or veteran. Ibanez guitars cut across and can be used by any guitarist.

Are Ibanez guitars worth the money? Even though the Ibanez guitar brand is known to make affordable guitars, this does not reduce the quality of produce. Their guitars are decent and great for use.

Is Ibanez Good for Beginners?

Ibanez guitars are more comfortable for beginners, considering that they can be easy to play, the build is great, and they are affordable. the price is always a strong point for beginners. Ibanez has many guitars that you can consider as a beginner.

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PRS Guitars

Tone –  PRS guitars have a richer and more rounded sound. The PRS is considered very adaptable and capable of performing a wide range of music types, although it is less typically utilized for metal than Ibanez models.

Passive humbucker pickups with a balanced tone are standard on PRS guitars. They’re made to appeal to a wide range of people by providing a variety of tones. The Custom 24 model in the SE range has a coil split mechanism for even more tonal variation. The mahogany tone wood and short scale length on most models give the guitar a thick and full tone, but because they only have passive pickups, they are not commonly linked with modern metal.

The PRS guitars are more similar to one another than the Ibanez guitars, but they have a more balanced and varied tone than the Ibanez guitars.

Style – PRS guitars have a very classic, but safe design.

Take, for example, the PRS Custom 24 which is a flagship model from PRS. Its features include;

  • PRS has more rounded horns.
  • The PRS has a rounded and curved body.
  • There are bird inlays on the PRS.
  • The PRS’s hardware and tremolo are lightweight.

PRS guitars are available in single and double cutaway models. The variety of styles shows that they are intended for different types of players. PRS’ safer, yet still distinctive, finishes and shapes appeal to a broader clientele. On stage, you could see a guitarist performing pretty much any genre with a PRS.

Neck – PRS guitars have a rounded, wider C-shaped neck, which makes accessing the higher frets more difficult.

Bridge – PRS produces its own tremolo systems that vary slightly depending on the model. PRS tremolos do not allow for dramatic pulls. 

Tone and wood finish – The PRS Custom 24 has a maple top, while the majority of PRS models have mahogany bodies. These are quality tone woods that contribute to the sound’s signature sound. The solid mahogany body adds plenty of depth to the tone, but the maple adds some additional high-range frequencies for further definition.

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Is PRS a Good Guitar Brand and Worth the Money?

Is PRS a good guitar brand? PRS brand makes great guitars that you would not be bothered or worried about them having issues or not lasting long. They are definitely great and worth all the hype they can get.

Is PRS worth the money? Yeah, PRS guitars are expensive. This might seem weird to you because you are probably getting a PRS guitar for the first time. Any experienced guitar player would agree that PRS is worth the money you will put in.

Is PRS Good for Beginners?

Yes. PRS guitars can be good for beginners. PRS SE Standard 24 is a good recommendation for guitar beginners. You can trust that the guitar will serve you well.

Are PRS Guitars Heavy?

PRS guitars weigh about 9 pounds, which is the equivalent of 4.1KG. The PRS guitars are built from mahogany. The neck is made of mahogany, the carved top is made of maple.


Ibanez is known for producing more cheap versions, whilst PRS is known for producing more premium models. Ibanez is the best option if you’re searching for a low-cost electric guitar, while PRS makes higher-quality guitars if you can afford to spend several thousand dollars.

PRS guitars are more versatile, but Ibanez guitars are better for performing metal and hard rock. Ibanez models are recognized for their aggressive and different designs and color possibilities, whereas PRS models have quality finishes and a timeless aesthetic.

Like I have always said, the best thing to do when selecting a particular guitar for yourself is to look at what possibilities are available within your budget, what guitar brand can give you the sound you desire and that appeals to you in terms of aesthetics, and then try them out at your local guitar store.

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