Ibanez VS Solar Guitars: Which is Better? (Detailed Comparison)

There are many brands of guitars out there, and these brands have things that make them different from other guitars.

These brands have guitars in various ways, forms and sizes; they also produce different notes, tones, and sounds.

However, the quality of these brands differs from one to the other and they are not built the same way. So you tend to see differences between guitars made by different brands.

When choosing a brand for your guitar it is better to watch them carefully and choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Ibanez Guitar Overview

Ibanez Guitar is a Japanese guitar brand that goes as far back as 1929. The guitar brand is owned by Hoshino Gakki. The brand is based in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

The brand is one of the first Japanese musical instruments companies to gain a significant foothold in Europe and the United States.

It is the first brand of guitars to mass produce the seven-string guitar and eight-string guitar.

Ibanez Guitar is one of the leading brands, it has marketed more than 160 models of bass guitars, 120 acoustic guitar,s and 250 electric guitars.

As a result of many years of establishment, the Ibanez Guitar brand has a strong reputation in the Guitar industry. This reputation has made so many guitarists, even celebrity guitarists and musicians trust in the brand.

In fact, it is believed that Ibanez is the third biggest brand after Gibson and Fender.

The reputation is earned from the many years of the excellent production of guitars.

They make quality guitars for beginners. So, if you are a beginner, you can try the Ibanez brand, they have quality guitars for you. They also make quality guitars for pro players.

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So, if you are thinking of getting a guitar for yourself or a close family member, you can try the Ibanez brand. They have guitars for all categories of players

Solar Guitars Overview

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear solar is the Sun. However, it is not so in this case.

The Solar Guitar brand is like every other guitar brands out there.  Solar Guitar brand was created by Ola Englund.

The brand Solar Guitar was founded in 2017 so it is one of the new brands and it is doing quite well. 

Solar guitars are strictly metal guitars, and it is one of the leading metal guitars around today.

So, if you have an affinity for metal guitars you should try the Solar Guitars. As I have said it is one of the leading metal guitars today, and this speaks a lot of the quality of the guitars.

Another amazing thing about the solar brand is that they continue to improve their brand. They produce new models with a frequency of at least a week interval.

Though they are a new brand, they have many models that will leave you amazed.

The solar brand is an excellent choice for a modern metal guitarist. They have an amazing sound with a good tone and are not expensive for the value they offer.

If you are a person who loves or prefers metal guitars you should try solar guitar.

Ibanez VS Solar Guitars – Which is Better?

ibanez vs solar

Both are excellent guitars that have made their marks, and their presence felt in the industry.

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But we have to make a choice, and it’s a hard one to make a choice between the two guitars.

Our choice is the Ibanez Brand.

Why the Ibanez Guitar? First and foremost, the fact that the Solar guitar brand is not more than 10 years since its foundation puts it at a severe disadvantage against a very old brand – the Ibanez Guitar brand.

The Ibanez guitars have been around way back since 1929, more than 80 years of establishment, and it’s still flourishing. That tells a lot about the brand itself.

A flaw we can say about the Solar guitar has, is that it is predominantly metal. However, Ibanez is not just a metal brand.

An example of a model that is not metal is the Ibanez RG model and many others.

The fact that the Solar guitar is only metal-based, limits the amount of guitarists that would love to buy the guitars.

Note that all the things in the articles are personal opinions. This does not mean that the Solar guitars are not of good quality.

The Solar brand is a great brand and it will continue to progress as the days and the years go by.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that people asked, in relation to Solar and Ibanez brands. here are a few of them:

1. Are Ibanez Guitars Worth it?

Yes, Ibanez is a trusted guitar brand, and they make good guitars.

2. Who Makes Solar Guitars?

The owner of Solar guitar brand is Ola Englund.

3. Where are Solar Guitars Made?

Solar guitars are made in Spain.

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4. Are Solar Guitars any Good?

O course, they are god to certain extent. If they are not, we would not be here comparing them to the big “Ibanez” brand. This does not mean they are better than the Ibanez brand. The Solar guitar brand is good in itself.

4. Is Ibanez the Best Guitar Brand?

Ibanez is a great brand with a really high reputation among guitarists? Are they the overall best guitar brand? I don’t know if I can answer to that fully, but it can be argued that they are, or one of the best.

5. Why Ibanez is the Best?

Ibanez is know for quality production of guitars. The guitars are always known for quality in their construction, design ,and price.

6. Is Ibanez Expensive?

Averagely, Ibanez guitars’ prices fall between $200 and $7000, while most of the guitars’ prices fall between $500 and $2500.

7. Are Ibanez Guitars Good Quality?

The quality of Ibanez  guitars is so great, and it is well recognized among celebrity guitarists.

8. Why Do Metal Players Ibanez?

Metal players use Ibanez because it has high output hum buckers that are known for its metal guitar tones or sound.


So, our choice is Ibanez. I hope you find this helpful. You can check other similar blog posts here:

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