How to Store a Guitar Without Case or Stand?

Do you have a guitar you want to store? And you don’t have a guitar case, and neither do you have a guitar stand. This guide is to help you with how to store your guitar even if you don’t have a case or stand.

Just follow me through.

Appropriate Environment to Store a Guitar Without Case or Stand

Before we talk about how you can store your guitar without a case or stand, let us describe an environment safe to store a guitar. This will help you better and also help have an idea when trying out other alternatives besides the guitar case or the stand.

  1. A Less Busy Spot

If you are not going to store your guitar in a case, then the alternative spot to keep it safe must be a place where nobody can bump into it.

A case or stand helps safeguard a guitar from damage and scratch. So, if getting any of the two might be impossible, a very much less busy spot will be perfect for the job.

  1. A place without extreme temperatures

If you are going to store your guitar in a place, make sure the temperature is favorable. The temperature must not be in extreme temperatures. This means it must not be too cold or too hot.

  1. Avoid sunlight

Wherever you are going to store your guitar must be a place where it won’t have direct contact with sunlight. The sunlight can have an adverse effect on the body of the keyboard.

  1. The Humidity

Humidity is another thing to check if you are going to be storing your guitar. It is advisable that the humidity is about 50 percent humidity.

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How to Store a Guitar Without Case or Stand

how to store a guitar without a case or stand

Now let us get into the main thing. How do you store your guitar without having a guitar case, or even a guitar stand?

  1. Use a wall hanger

If you can have a wall hanger for your guitar, this could work. Most often, wall hangers are used in guitar shops to hang a lot of guitars.

  1. Create a spot on the wall to hang the guitar

You can make use of a nail and a strong rope to hang your guitar on the wall. The wall seems to be a good spot as there are only a few chances for the guitar to be bumped into.

Imagine leaving your guitar on a sofa, it can be easily bumped into. This makes it open to damage or scratches.

  1. Wrap the guitar with a blanket or a soft cloth and place it somewhere

The blanket or soft cloth will act as a cushion for the guitar to avoid scratches on its body. Placing it somewhere where it can’t be easily reached, makes it safer.

Under a bed might be a good spot, as people don’t get to just get under the bed. Just make sure that the person using the bed is not obese or with a lot of weight. This is so that you will be sure that the guitar ain’t going to be getting scratched.

The point is, wherever you will be placing the guitar, just ensure it is somewhere the guitar can be totally safe.

Is There a Disadvantage That Comes With Storing a Guitar Without Case or Stand?

The only disadvantage that comes with it is that you might not be a hundred percent sure that the guitar is totally okay to be where you are storing or keeping it.

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If you can, the best thing to do is to get a guitar case. This will really keep your guitar safe. You will definitely need it in the long run.

Is There a Limit to the Period of Time I Can Store my Guitar Without Case Or Stand?

Well, there is no limit as long as the guitar’s safety is guaranteed where it is placed. I will just advise that you ensure that you keep checking on the guitar from time to time to affirm its safety.

Even though there are alternatives to guitar cases, they cannot be compared to guitar cases. You should try to get a guitar case. This will protect the guitar better.

And there are budget guitar cases you can get for yourself, depending on your budget. You just need to go check out a guitar store around you.

But if it happens that you cannot afford it at the moment, make do with the alternatives provided in this article.

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