Fender Princeton Reverb VS Fender Deluxe Reverb: Which is Better?

With so many various amps on the market, it’s difficult to know what the differences are and which one to pick. It’s even more challenging when the amps are from the same lineup.

In this article, I will be taking you through a comparison between two Fender tube amps: the Princeton Reverb and the Deluxe Reverb.

Fender Princeton

Fender Princeton

For decades, this classic amp was utilized on numerous popular tunes.

The Princeton Reverb looks, sounds, and performs as well as ever, and is easily adaptable enough to move from the living room to the recording studio to the stage with the superb sound, style, dependability, and true vintage attitude that Fender players have come to expect.

It’s one of the nicest amps on the market, period, and it’s perfect for anybody looking for top-notch tube tone, naturally dynamic clean and overdriven sound, and recognizable Fender reverb and tube vibrato.

The features include:

  • 12 watts of power
  • Jensen speaker
  • Dual and single-channel inputs
  • Fender reverb with a long spring and tube tremolo (“vibrato”)
  • A fitted cover and a two-button footswitch.

Deluxe Reverb

Deluxe Reverb

Fender’s Deluxe Reverb is a timeless classic and one of the essential workhorses of the guitar amplifier world, having been used on many hit recordings for decades.

Moderately powerful and renowned in studios for its rich, snappy, and crystalline tone. The features include:

  • Jensen speaker
  •  22 watts of power
  • There are two channels available (normal, vibrato)
  • There are four inputs (two normal, two vibratos)
  • Tube-powered Fender tremolo (“vibrato”) and reverb
  • Footswitch with two buttons and cover

The additional channel is one of Deluxe’s main benefits over Princeton. With the Deluxe, you get two channels, while with the Princeton, you only get one.

The Deluxe is also a little larger and louder than the Princeton, with two more tubes in the preamp and roughly double the power.

The Princeton has much of the same features as the Deluxe. Both have a two-band EQ, reverb, and vibrato.

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They also employ the same types of tubes in the preamp and power amp, resulting in a tone profile that is pretty comparable.

Because Princeton only has one channel, the front appears to be a little more naked. 

Fender Princeton vs Deluxe Reverb

Fender Princeton VS Deluxe Reverb

Now, let’s go into comparing these two Fender amps. I will be talking about their specifications, tone, and use. 


In terms of specifications, the Princeton Reverb and the Deluxe Reverb are quite comparable. Both use the same Jensen speakers and 6V6 valves

The Princeton uses a 10-inch speaker, while the Deluxe utilizes a 12-inch speaker (though numerous variants use a 12-inch speaker, such as this one). Both amps contain a two-band EQ, as well as reverb and vibrato.

They’re almost identical in dimensions, with the Deluxe being somewhat taller and broader.

The power and characteristics of the amps are the two most significant variances. The Deluxe Reverb has a power output of 22 watts, whereas the Princeton Reverb has a power output of just 12 watts.

The Deluxe additionally has two channels – standard and vibrato – whereas the Princeton just has one. There are two instrument inputs on both amps.


Both amps sound quite similar since they use the same valves and speakers. The tone of both amps is really clear and clean.

The Princeton has a touch more twang and brightness than the Deluxe. The Deluxe has a somewhat warmer tone and a richer overall tone than the Princeton.

The clean tone difference is modest but significant enough to be noticed. When you start driving the amps, the difference becomes more evident. 

When overdriven, the Princeton Reverb retains its clear tone. It’s a fairly clean overdrive, with just the bottom notes slightly distorting.

The overdrive of the Deluxe Reverb, on the other hand, is much more evident. It’s a lot dirtier and chunkier than the overdrive on Princeton.

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The tiny changes in tone return when reverb and vibrato are added. Both amps offer great-sounding effects, but the Deluxe’s are a little livelier.

The amp is a little better at processing effects, giving it a more dynamic sound.

Both amps, on the other hand, do a fantastic job with pedals. This enables you to apply any effects you desire to your sound without sacrificing quality.

When using the amps, don’t add too much overdrive or distortion to the Princeton because the Deluxe handles it better.


Both amps are suitable for use as basic practice amps, as part of a gigging setup, or for studio work.

Both amps are powerful enough to allow you to practice without bothering your neighbors or even your housemates.

Both amps are also perfect for jam sessions with your friend because they have two instrument inputs.

Because of its reduced power, Princeton will be relegated to smaller theaters and pubs for performances.

In larger arenas, the Deluxe will have an easier job.

At the rear of both amps are external speaker outputs. You may link them to enormous cabinets and utilize them in larger venues if you have the funds for it.

Over the years, both of these amplifiers have been utilized on innumerable albums. You can take either of them into a studio with confidence, knowing that you’ll get a high-quality recording every time.

Because the Princeton Reverb does not handle overdrive and distortion as effectively as the Deluxe Reverb, the sorts of songs it may be utilized for are rather limited.

Although it is a flexible amp capable of a broad range of sounds, the Deluxe is unquestionably better suited to heavier genres such as rock and punk.

What is the Difference Between Fender Princeton and Deluxe Reverb?

Are there any differences between Fender Princeton and Deluxe Reverb? Yes, there are a number of differences between the two amps.

  • The Princeton Reverb has a power output of 12 watts, while the Deluxe Reverb has a power output of 22 watts.
  • The Deluxe Reverb has a single channel amp while the Princeton Reverb has two channels, one for the normal and the other for vibrato.
  • The Princeton Reverb has a touch more twang and brightness than the Deluxe Reverb.
  • The Deluxe has a somewhat warmer tone and a richer overall tone than the Princeton Reverb
  • Deluxe can handle much more distortion or overdrive than Princeton
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of frequently asked questions related to Fender Princeton Reverb and Deluxe Reverb. Let us look at a few of them:

1. Can You Gig With Fender Princeton Reverb

Yes. You can definitely gig with your Fender Princeton Reverb.

2. Is a Fender Princeton Good?

Yes, a Fender Princeton is very good. It is a standard amp any guitarist can ask for.

3. Where is the Fender Princeton Reverb Made?

The Fender Princeton Reverb is made in the U.S.

4. How Heavy is a Princeton Reverb?

A Fender Princeton Reverb weighs about 40 pounds.

5. How Much Does a Deluxe Reverb Weighs?

A Fender Deluxe Reverb weighs about 44 pounds.


If you’re looking for a vintage reverb amp with a clean sound that you’ve heard on numerous albums, the Princeton Reverb is the way to go.

The Deluxe Reverb, on the other hand, packs a bigger punch and can rock out with the best of them if you’re ready to spend a little extra.

Most importantly, your choice comes down to your budget and how well each of these amps fits into the sound you desire. 

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