Boss Overdrive OD3 VS Blues Driver BD2: Which is Better? (Detailed Comparison)

Like every other musical instrument, the guitar is an amazing instrument that produces good sound.

The production of overdrive pedals and distortion pedals has brought the production level of the guitar sounds to another level.

Now you can maximize the sound you want your guitar to be produced by using an overdrive pedal or distortion pedal.

For the purpose of this article, we will be talking about the overdrive pedal and in particular Boss OD3 and Boss BD2.

Boss OD3


Over the years, the overdrive pedal market has continued to progress, and it is important for guitarists is becoming more apparent by the day.

As a result of this, there have been many models and brands flying around.

Many of these brands have made significant contributions to the overdrive pedal market. One of them is the Boss brand.

The Boss brand is a world-renowned brand that has been producing overdrive pedals for more than 40 years now.

One such product is the Boss OD3, which we will be talking about in this article. Boss OD3 started as a model in 1997, which is more than 22 years ago.

Boss OD3, like all the models before it in the Boss brand, has proven to be a success for more than 15 years and it’s still doing well.

It operates a three-knob system, which comprises the level, drive, and tone.

The pedal has a dual-stage circuit that helps to sustain the sound production, so that incidents, where there are differences in sound, will not occur outside of the control of the guitarist.

The model is very dynamic and this helps the sound production a lot.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good sound. One major advantage of overdrive pedals majorly is that they add to the quality of the sound produced by the guitar. As a guitarist, you will know the difference between when a person is using a guitar with an overdrive pedal and when not using one.
  • It is quality. Boss OD3 is a quality model.
  • It is durable. This is a quality that every good pedal must have and it is majorly associated with the Boss Brand. Most of their products are extremely durable, you can literarily throw them without truly seeing any damaging effect. I didn’t say you should try throwing it around (laughs).
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Boss BD2


The second overdrive pedal we will talk about is the model Boss BD2. The Boss Blue Driver 2 was introduced in 1995, which is more than 23 years ago.

It is one of the best-selling pedals in the world, today.

The BD2 model belongs to the Boss brand. Just like most of the Boss product series, it is a success. We will be talking more about the model very shortly.

This model has a good blend which gives you the appropriate sound and tone with the right quality.

You might not understand that for a pedal it is important that it produces a good tone with the right quality.

The BD2 model is a pedal that brings an overdriven tone from creamy lead to the standard of crunchy rhythm sounds, and it is specially tailor-made for blue guitars.

Now, the tone this sound gives you is dependent on how you want the sound to be, it can provide drives ranging from warm overdrive to emotional distortion and many others.

As I said above, the tone it gives depends on the guitarist; it depends on the playing style of the guitarist.

BD2 was described as a pedal meant to provide a sense of warm overdrive and emotional distortion, which is usually found in 30 years old tube amplifiers.

It may lack a bit of warmth and responsiveness that most people get from a tube amp overdrive.

It however delivers a good wide range of subtle or moderate distortion.

Boss BD2 is grit and may not be everyone’s choice or preference however it works well as a clean boost pedal.

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Reasons You Should Buy:

  • Good sound. Sound is everything to an instrument player and a guitar is an instrument. For you to have a quality pedal, the sound and tone must be top-notch. Boss BD2, like most models of the Boss brand, produces a good sound which will further increase your performance.
  • It is quality. The boss brand has been known to produce quality pedals, and this one is no different. The Boss BD2 model has good sound and it is durable.
  • It is durable. This is well known with the Boss brand is durability. They are very durable and they can be used for years without any significant damage, even when not properly taken care of. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible for it to get damaged.

Boss OD3 VS BD2: Similarities and Differences

Boss BD2 vs OD3

As I have mentioned before, they are both models of the same brand so they have many things in common however that doesn’t mean there won’t be some differences between the two models.


Good Tone. A major characteristic of most models from the Boss brand is that they are of good quality and they produce good sound.


One of the major differences you will see between the two is the time of production.

Boss OD3 made its appearance in 1997 while BD2 made its own appearance in 1995.

OD3 is one of the latest editions of the Boss brand, and it was kept simple with one overdrive mod and a three-knob system that includes the Level, Tone, and Drive Control layout.

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The BD2 has three controls which are Level, Tone, and Gain.

The difference here is that one is more simple and more straightforward than the other; OD3 is simpler than BD2. This is where the year of production is relevant.

Our Pick Between Boss BD2 and OD3

Our pick is Boss BD2. There ain’t really wide or far differences between the two, but our pick is the Blue Driver Boss BD2.


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Frequently Asked Questions on BD2 VS OD3

Here are frequently asked questions on bd2 and od3:

1. Is Boss BD2 Overdrive or Distortion?

The boss bd2 is a warm overdrive.

2. Is Boss SD-1 a Tube Screamer?

The boss SD-1 has a lot in common with a Tube Screamer. The two have three knobs in common. These knobs control the amount of gain, output volume, and equalization.

3. Is Boss BD2 a Transparent Overdrive

Yes, boss bd2 is a transparent overdrive, but it is in a way different because they can change into distorted tones at higher settings.

4. Is Boss BD2 Analog or Digital?

The boss bd2 is analog.

5. Is SD1 a Good Pedal?

SD1 is a good pedal, anytime any day. You can definitely try it out.

I hope that you find this comparison great and helpful to help you make your purchasing decision.

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