Boss OD-1 VS OD-3: Which is Better? [Detailed Comparison]

Pedals have brought significant progress to the guitar industry. The application of the pedal has helped guitarists have better and greater control over the sounds and tone.

However pedals didn’t just appear out of nowhere, they have a set of history that dates back more than 45 years ago.

For this article, we will be taking a look at two Boss pedals – OD-1 vs OD-3

Boss OD-1

Before we properly talk about this model, let’s do a little introduction to the Boss brand.

The brand has been known for its strong influence in the pedal industry all over the world.

They have made many products that have made significant important in the pedal market, like Boss OD3, SD1, and many others.

Boss OD1 is one of the first overdrive pedals made, as the pedal was introduced in 1977 which is more than 45 years of existence.

You might be thinking what the significance of this pedal. However, it is also important to take a look at one of the earliest pedal products made by one of the leading brands in the world.

And those in tune with the current trends know that the Boss brand is not just an ordinary brand in the pedal industry.

This pedal was very famous in the 80s, especially in LA where you tend to see many guitarists use them during performances and concerts.

OD1 uses an asymmetrical clipping which helps provide thick overdrive with an edge. It was made with a QUAD OP amplifier chip which is central to its operations and this chip has 14 chips.

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The significance of this pedal was very important; it was one of the pedals that really showed the importance and significance of the pedal for guitarists.

Reasons to Buy

  • Quality: OD1 is the benchmark for all pedals as it is one of the oldest pedals but still relevant. It produces good sound and tone for the guitarist, and it is also durable.

Boss OD-3


Another example of a pedal that has been made for a while, and is still relevant is BOSS OD3.

The BOSS brand has been known to make good pedals.  In fact, many of its overdrive and distortion pedals that have been made for a while are still relevant today.

BOSS OD3 is not old as its predecessor – OD1. It was made in 1997 which is more than 22 years.

It is easy for products built or made 5 years ago to become irrelevant because of newly built products.

However, in the case of OD3, it has been made in 1997, but it is still popular and widely used by people speaks a lot about its quality.

BOSS OD3 operates a three-knob system that consists of Level, drive, and Tone.

These three features help the pedal produce with great efficiency. The pedal has a dual-stage overdrive circuit which adds sustenance and compression that is might not be seen or found in any other model or brand out there.

One thing that you will find in BOSS OD3 is that it is very dynamic, and this helps the sound production of the pedal when in used together with a guitar to produce better sound with increased consistency, no fluctuation, and many others.

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Even today, there are not many pedals out there that are dynamic as the Boss OD3

Reasons to Buy

  • Good Sound: Sound is everything when it comes to musical instruments and any of their gears. The pedal produces a very good sound that will help you maximize the potential of your guitar according to your arrangements.
  • Quality: Quality is everything has regard to the pedal. Good sounds, durability, good tone, and others are essential with regard to the quality of a pedal.
  • Durable: No matter how good the sound of the pedal is if it is not durable then it will not last. No matter how durable the pedal is if it doesn’t produce good sound then it’s useless. You need the two together to get a quality pedal and OD3 has these two qualities.

A very common theme in BOSS brand pedals is how durable their pedals are. BOSS products over the years have been known to be very durable, and OD3 is also not left out.

Boss OD-1 VS OD-3: Our Pick?

It can really be hard making a choice between these two boss overdrive pedal models.

This choice does not really have anything with a wide difference in quality; it simply preferences over choosing which is better. I’d choose the Boss OD-3.

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