Best Strings for Epiphone SG   

If you are a seasoned user of the Epiphone SG, and you want to try out different types of strings, look no further.

You might be a person who is very particular about the string you use. You might have gone through a long list of strings and you are not particularly impressed with the strings.

I will be recommending some strings best for your Epiphone SG. I hope you will like them.

Best Strings for Epiphone SG

Here is a few guitar strings that can go with your Epiphone SG:

1. Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings.

As I have mentioned above, we consider the Ernie Ball Super Strings the best for Epiphone SG.



  • Ernie Super Slinky Strings are reliable.
  • It is easy to bend. It is easier for you to play the strings. When playing, the strings must be flexible enough to accommodate the player’s ability.
  • They produce great sounds.
  • They are durable.


  • They may be expensive. If you are looking at a budget, depending on how much you budgeted, the string might not be one for you. The price is a match for its quality. You can still find other strings that are not as expensive as it is.

3. Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Strings


Just like any of the Ernie Ball brand guitar strings, the Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky strings is a quality guitar string.

The strings are engineered to maximize output with refined clarity.

The Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky guitar strings are one of the latest improvements on strings.

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The Strings provides the guitarist and bassist with a new voice together with extended range, clear high, and many others.

 It is certainly a must-have if you are looking for something different from the sounds you have been producing, or you might be looking for some latest sounds.


  • Very good sound.
  • It is easy to bend.
  • It can be tuned easily.


  • They can be expensive

4. Elixir Optiweb


A lot of professional guitarists are not a fan of coated guitar strings.

However, the coated strings do have their uses and benefits. Your body composition can determine the type of guitar you should be using.

For example, if you are somebody who sweats a lot, then the coated guitar strings will be the best string for you.

If you live in an area with high humidity, this is also good for you. 

If you are a person that sweats a lot when playing, and you have noticed that uncoated strings don’t last long in your hand, they tend to rust very quickly. Then, you should try the Elixir Optiweb


  • They produce good sounds.
  • They are reliable.


  • Not many people like coated strings

5. GHS Boomer


GHS Boomers are known as The Power Strings. It is one of the best strings you’ll find out there. It is one of the best strings for your Epiphone SG.

The string is made with nickel-plated steel wrapped around the core wire to give the string volume, strength, and brilliance.

These features provide the string with bright features combined with a good and long-lasting tone to back it up.

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Each package of strings is sealed to keep the strings fresh and free of moisture. The strings are a must-buy for every guitarist today.


  • It produces good sound.

Factors to consider when choosing a String for Epiphone SG

You might be wondering, are there things you need to look out for when selecting guitar strings for your Epiphone SG? Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Quality

Quality is an important factor to be considered when choosing a string.

A quality string should have a good sound that is consistent.

A quality string should be durable and last long. Perhaps, your string sounds good but it’s not consistent, that is not enough quality.

If your string produces a good sound but the strings are not durable, that is not enough quality. A quality string should produce good sounds, be durable, and last for a good period of time.

  • Price

Price is an important factor you should consider. As much as we talk about the quality of a string the price is just as important.

The quality of the string could affect the price. You will need to consider your pocket when buying yourself a string.

  • Durability

Durability is another important factor to be considered when choosing a string. They must last for a good period of time.

The average lifespan for a string is 3 months. We can question the durability or the quality of any string that does not last up to 3 months.

A quality string should last for at least 3 months, if not more.

  • Preference

Preference is another factor to be considered when choosing a string. As I have said earlier, as good as a coated guitar string may be, many do not use them become they prefer the uncoated strings.

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So, you should ask yourself. Which of the strings do you prefer? Which one caught your fancy? Is your gut feeling telling you to go for anyone specific?


I hope you find the best strings for your epiphone SG

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