Best Strings for Breedlove Acoustics

Are you using a Breedlove acoustic guitar? And you want to change your guitar strings?

I have some great recommendations for your Breedlove acoustic guitar.

These recommendations are still subject to your preferences but the recommendations will be of great help and ease to your search.

Best Strings for Breedlove Acoustics

Here are the recommendations I have for your Breedlove acoustic guitars:

1. Martin Authentic Acoustic Guitar Strings – Superior Performance


One of the things that are likable with these strings is their durability – the ability to last long, and tuning stability.

Three things that are really important to me in the choice of strings – the tone, playability and the durability

And this Martin SP string solves it for me, as it fulfills all the three requirements in my books.

And the catch to it is that it comes at a relatively cheaper price in comparison to its counterpart.

Even if it feels like you are not so sure of the delivery of the strings’ tone production, the affordability of the strings makes it easy for trial for breedlove guitar.

You can give these strings a trial, I am sure it is a trial you won’t regret.


  • It holds the tune better
  • It lasts long
  • Great sound and tone.
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to play.

2. Elixir Acoustics String Phosphor Bronze with Nanoweb Coating


This string is built with phosphor bronze wrap wire. It has the ability to produce a rich and balanced tone, with great high-end clarity.

The strings are coated, and this gives protection to their strings with an ultra-thin coating.

An essential advantage of any coated string is the ability to withstand corrosion, which also translates to the guitar strings lasting longer than their uncoated counterpart.

But some guitarists prefer their strings coated, while others prefer the non-coated ones.

For me, it will always be the coated ones, and this is because of the fact that it protects against corrosion.

Besides the fact that the coating helps against corrosion, it also helps the guitar tone to last and lingers well enough.

And you won’t feel like it is a coated string, because the coating is ultra-thin. It feels just like the uncoated strings.

Some coated strings kinda feel heavier on the finger than an average string, but this elixir string solves that with the ultra-thin coating.

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Now, you have to understand that the coating might have a dulling effect on the strings.

The strings may sound a little when first played, it might not be noticeable though.

You might have to play the strings for a few hours to have a good judgment of the tone it produces.


  • The strings last longer.
  • The strings get better the more they are played
  • The strings sound bright and nice


  • It is a little more pricey than other strings.
  • The coating might have a dulling effect on the strings when it is still brand new. This does not reduce the quality of the tone produced by the strings though.

    3. Cleartone Acoustic Guitar Strings


    These strings have colored ball ends which make the process of restringing your breedlove guitar very easy.

    Cleartone makes sure to treat their strings with their patented one-micron thin formula which gives the strings a longer lifespan, and better tone and volume.

    One of the things you will enjoy with this string is its bright tone, because of its 80/20 bronze build ratio.

    You can try this guitar string out for your breedlove guitar. It is sure going to be worth it.


    • Bright tone.
    • It lasts long.

    4. GHS Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String


    The string is wound with copper-tin phosphor over the hex core. This GHS string produces bright sounds, and it is easy and flexible to play.

    It is easier to play around on the breedlove guitar with this kind of string.

    The coating preserves the life of the strings, making them last longer.

    You will probably end up having this as your best string, except you are not a fan of the GHS brand.


    • Great tone
    • It lasts long
    • It is easy to play

        Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Guitar String for Breedlove Acoustics

        There are factors you need to look out for to choose a good string for your Breedlove acoustics. Here is a list of factors you need to consider:

        1. Quality 

        The quality of the strings to be bought is very important, as this will show in the sounds produced when playing the guitar. 

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        You must be able to affirm the quality of the strings, either from the mouths of other guitarists who have used the strings or from a physical seller or from online reviews and roundups like this.

        1. Price

        Another strong factor to consider is the amount of money you have at hand.

        Strings vary in price, as they are produced by different brands.

        Sometimes the worth of the guitar strings is shown in the price, but there are budget-quality strings you can get for any guitar that you have.

        Also, if you are a beginner, you might not need to bother about the specific guitar strings you are getting, as you might not be able to pick the exact difference between all of them.

        1. How long it can last

        You might not be able to prove this until you use it.

        So, to have a great view of how a string may last, you should ask other guitarists who have used the strings, or you can check the different reviews online.

        Coated strings mostly last longer than uncoated strings.

        So, you can put that into consideration too.

        1. How well does it stay in tune?

        You don’t want to have to tune your guitar strings every now and there.

        So, a guitar string that can stay in tune is good, and a factor you need to consider.

        1. Your taste in sound

        No matter how good a guitar sound is, your taste in sound and what you desire matters a lot.

        And it can also influence the kind of strings that you choose, which is very fine.

        1. The kind of guitar

        The specific kind of guitar you are using can determine what kind of strings you should use on them.

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        The kind of strings that might gel with Taylor Guitars, might not gel so well with Epiphone Dove. The kind of strings that get with Gibson J15 might not gel with Koa guitars

        How to Restring Your Breedlove Acoustics

        Restringing your guitar is an exercise you can’t run from as a guitarist.

        There are many times your strings will need to be changed, and you will need to work on them yourself.

        Here is a guide on how to restring your Breedlove acoustics:

        1. Loosen the tuning peg

        The tuning peg is what tightens the strings until it is in tune.

        This time you are not tuning the guitar, you are loosening the tuning peg till the strings is very loose around the tuning post.

        1. Unwind the strings

        Once the string is loose, unwind it and remove it from the tuning peg.

        1. Remove the bridge pin

        To remove the strings from the bridge, you will have to remove the bridge pin. 

        1. Put the string ball end into the bridge

        This time you are putting on the new strings.

        So, input the new strings ball end into the bridge and then add the bridge pin.

        1. To the tuning post

        Now, get the string to the tuning post, and then pull before you make use of a string winder to wind the string around the tuning post.

        1. Tighten and tune the strings

        Use the tuning peg to tighten the strings, and bring it back to tune.

        This is all you need to do to restring your guitar.


        I hope you find the best strings for Breedlove acoustics.

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