Best Overdrive Pedals for Vox AC15 [Reliable Recommendations]

Are you trying to look for the best overdrive for your Voc AC15? I have some reliable recommendations that will greatly help your search for the best overdrive for your Vox AC15.

Even though choices like these lean more on personal preferences, a guide is still perfect as you don’t want to lay your hands on every overdrive that comes your way. So, I came up with a list of the best overdrives for Vox AC15 for you to ease the search.

Best Overdrive for Vox AC15

Here are the overdrive pedals I recommend for your vox ac15:

1. Boss BD2


BD2 model comes in three simple features – level, tone, and gain.

The level controls the pedal’s output while the tone helps the users shape the range of the pedal according to your direction.

The gain brings things like a subtle breakup through to face-melting bluesy sustain.

The three-in-one combine together to give you a simple and quality output.

The BD2 model gives you an overdriven tone from creamy leads and it gives you the standard crunchy rhythm sounds and it is made for blue guitars.

The pedal simulates the sound of a vintage tube amplifier which gives you a good and quality tone.

The tone ranges from warm overdrive to emotional distortion according to your own pattern or playing style.

The pedal has been described as a pedal made to give a sense of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually found in a 30-year-old tube amp.


  • High quality

2. MXR Sugar Drive


Let’s start by taking a closer look at the MXR Sugar Drive.

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The MXR Sugar Drive is a simple yet effective overdrive pedal that’s perfect for adding a touch of grit to your sound.

It’s a classic pedal that’s been around for a while, and for good reason. It’s incredibly easy to use and sounds great.

The pedal has three simple controls: Volume, Tone, and Drive.

Volume controls the overall volume of the pedal, Tone adjusts the tone from dark to bright, and Drive controls the amount of overdrive.

But what does it actually sound like?

Well, it’s a bit like adding a sprinkle of sugar to your tone.

It’s not a heavy overdrive that’s going to turn your sound into a molten lava of distortion.

Instead, it’s a subtle overdrive that adds a bit of sweetness and warmth to your sound.

It’s perfect for bluesy leads, crunchy rhythm parts, and even as a clean boost.

The tone control is particularly useful; as it can help you dial in the perfect amount of sweetness for your sound.

But what about the downsides? Well, there aren’t many.

The MXR Sugar Drive is a pretty straightforward pedal, and if you’re looking for something with a lot of bells and whistles, this might not be the pedal for you.

But if you’re looking for a simple and effective overdrive pedal that sounds great, the MXR Sugar Drive is definitely worth checking out.


  • Perfect for bluesy leads
  • Straightforward and easy to use

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Overdrive for Vox AC15

How do you choose the best overdrive for your vox AC15? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the key factors to consider when selecting an overdrive pedal.

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1. Tone

Do you want a sound that’s smooth and creamy, or one that’s gritty and edgy? Consider the kind of music you play and what tone would best complement your style.

If you’re into blues, a creamy tone might be just what you need to make your guitar sing. If you’re more of a rock or metal player, you might prefer something with a little more bite.

2. Versatility

Some overdrive pedals are designed for specific genres or styles of music, while others are more versatile and can handle a range of genres. If you play a variety of music, you’ll want to choose a pedal that can keep up with you.

3. Budget

Overdrive pedals come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, so it’s important to consider how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind that the most expensive pedal isn’t always the best fit for your needs. Look for a pedal that has the features you need at a price that works for you.


You can try any of these overdrive pedals out for your Vox AC15. I hope you find the best overdrive for your Vox AC15. Check out the related blogpost:

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