Best Noiseless Telecaster Bridge Pickups 2023

Are you seeking the best noiseless telecaster bridge pickups for your telecaster that don’t make a lot of noise? You are in for some treat.

After careful deliberation, I came up with this list. I am sure it will really help you a lot.

Best Noiseless Telecaster Bridge Pickups

These pickups here are carefully chosen to suit your telecaster. I trust that they will work perfectly for your telecaster.

1. Kinman Broadcaster Noiseless Electric Guitar Pickups


You want a noiseless pickup for your telecaster. This pickup is an all-time best noiseless pickup that you can use for your telecaster and some other Fender electric guitars.

This pickup is highly recommended because of its quality. It produces a focused tone, that is endowed with much dynamics, drive and attitude.

As you expected, the pickup is much noiseless. It has a long sustain and minimized fret buzz.

And it produces a very rich tone. The tone sounds more like it is from the early 50’s.

One good thing about the pick is its build. It has a very good build that makes it great for the job.

Installing the pickup is easy because of the instruction that the pickup comes with.

Do you wanna hear how they sound like? Here you go:




  • Good build
  • No noise
  • Great sound
  • Easy installation
  • Great control with the tone knob

2. Fender Gen 4 Noiseless Telecaster Pickup


Another pickup that can give your telecaster a noiseless performance is the Fender Gen 4 noiseless telecaster pickup.

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This pickup can give you a crisp, clear, clean and overdriven tone. The tone sounds so classic.

If you have been searching for a noiseless telecaster pickup, this is another option to consider after Kinman.

Do you want to hear how it sounds like? Here you go:




  • Noiseless
  • Clear tone

3. Fender Ultra Noiseless Vintage Telecaster Pickup


The last pickup we will be recommending for your telecaster is the Fender ultra noiseless vintage telecaster pickup.

The pickup comes with features like:

  • Alnico 3 magnets for greater focus and enhanced dynamics
  • Polysol coated wire
  • Falt non beveled polepieces
  • Installation hardware is included

You want to hear what it sounds like? Here you go:




  • Great sound
  • Both clean and dirty tone


  • The leads are short

How to Choose a Good Noiseless Telecaster Pickup?

You might be wondering what you need to consider in choosing a pickup. It is not such a big thing. there are things you should consider when choosing a pickup, and I will be listing them here:

1. The type of guitar

The guitar you are intending to get a pickup for needs to be considered.

The production of sounds s different in acoustic and electric guitars.

Using the same pickup will have different effects on the two kinds of guitar. Hence, you need to consider the specific kind of guitar you have and want to use with the pickup.

2. Your desired tone

There are variations in the tones different pickups produce. Find the one that specifically gives you the kind of sound that you desire.

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3. Check out what others are using

If you seem not to know anything about choosing your pickup, ask people and check what other guitarists are using out. Check with people using the same kind of guitar as you are. 


I hope this guide really helps you find the best noiseless pickup for your telecaster. Have a great musical experience

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