Best Noiseless Stratocaster Bridge Pickups 2023

Are you tired of hums and noise from other pickups, and you’re in search of the best noiseless stratocaster bridges pickup? 

Worry less, I’ve made a compilation of the noiseless stratocaster bridge pickups you can get around. 

Best Noiseless Strat Bridge Pickups

Let’s delve into the list of the best noiseless strat pickups that I have carefully curated for the year 2023! 

1. Fender vintage noiseless Stratocaster pickup


Single-coil pickups provide a piercing sound and produce a lot of strain.

Some guitarists choose the Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster Pickups because they love it.

I highly recommend giving these pickups a try because they do not produce buzz, hiss, or noise in amps.

These noiseless pickups are worth adding to your collection or instrument if you like a single-coil tone without the drawbacks of 60-cycle hum.

Fender Noiseless pickups are humbuckers, not single-coils, despite their appearance.

This feature, which works similarly to a humbucker, removes hum and noise while still allowing you to play with a fantastic tone.

Fender also introduced an intuitive stacked design to their traditional single-coil layout, resulting in superior sound quality.

One additional pickup is basically stacked into one single-coil chamber by Fender.

This reduces hum, buzz, and other unwanted sounds. The tone of a single coil pickup without the hum is what these pickups provide.

Classic Noiseless Strat pickups give the extraordinary clarity, definition, and harmonic attributes of a classic Strat in a noiseless package.

Alnico 5 magnets with a bevelled edge and enamel-coated magnet wire are used in these pickups.

These are high-quality materials that should last a long time.

Each Vintage Noiseless Strat pickup comes with three knobs, a capacitor, and a resistor to improve your Noiseless experience.

These pickups also include bevelled Alnico 5 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire.

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Do you wanna hear how it sounds? Here you go:

2.  Seymour Duncan SL591B Little 59 Strat Bridge Pickup


For you seeking the greatest noiseless strat pickups, Seymour Duncan offers single coil humbuckers in a number of sizes and types.

From vintage-style to more modern equipment, their product portfolio has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for the greatest noiseless strat pickups at a reasonable price, this is the one to get.

It’s also worth noting that this humbucker is incredibly versatile.

A vintage-correct tone, similar to that of an original PAF pickup, may be heard.

It boasts vintage-style output, which means it has a lot of sparkles and the throatiness that humbuckers are known for.

Do you want to hear how it sounds? Here you go:




  • Great sound
  • Easy to install

3. EMG SA Active Single Coil Guitar Pickup


It’s widely regarded as the greatest noiseless strat pickup.

This is due to the fact that they eliminate the hiss and hum produced by older single-coil pickups.

The EMG SA Active Single Coil Guitar Pickup is a single-coil active pickup.

Red is a fantastic option for individuals searching for a quiet strat pickup after having issues with antique single-coil pickups.

People from many walks of life may hear electric guitars.

Changing to a noise-reducing passive single coil pickup or an active single coil pickup is the only method to get rid of the noise caused by their electric pickups.

The EMG SA Active Single Coil Guitar Pickup is an active single coil guitar pickup.

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For those looking for a high-quality passive single-coil replacement for their electric guitar, the EMG SA active single-coil guitar pickup is an economical and trustworthy solution.

4. Lace Alumitone Single-Coil Guitar Pickup Black Anodized

If you’re seeking the greatest noiseless strat pickups, you’ve come to the right place.

Your best option is the Lace Alumitone Single-Coil Guitar Pickup Black Anodized.

It offers a warm, smooth tone that is ideal for any musician.

One of the greatest Strat pickups for this sound is the Lace Alumitone Single-Coil Guitar Pickup Black Anodized.

It’s composed of nickel-plated steel for speed and adaptability, and it has exceptional feedback rejection properties that make it suitable for any performing circumstance or location.

The fact that it’s only roughly 6 mm tall makes it one of the greatest noiseless strat pickups.

This allows you to easily modify pickup placement on your instrument without having to remove the pickups.

It also incorporates a bottom-mounted coil that improves performance by increasing power while reducing noise.

Because it offers everything you need in one single pickguard, the Lace Alumitone Single-Coil Guitar Pickup Black Anodized is one of the most popular noiseless strat pickups on the market today.

Background noise, hum, and interference may all be reduced using noiseless pickups.

They also do away with the need for a conventional humbucker pickup.

The Noiseless pickups sound like less articulate single-coil equivalents when it comes to tone.

They also have the benefit of generating less buzz, hum, and interference.

What to Look out for When Picking a Strat Pickup

Strat pickups have numerous basic differences, despite the fact that they appear to be the same.

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Before making a selection, you should understand more about the qualities and attributes to consider.

Stratocasters may be equipped with single coil or humbucker pickups. Single coil pickups are noted for their crisp, bright tone and excellent high-frequency response.

You can play early rock ‘n roll, r&b, and blues sounds with these pickups since they are dynamic and expressive.

You should also be familiar with humbuckers. People began to search for something more after becoming dissatisfied with the sounds produced by single-coil pickups.

For guitar players, the humbucker, a dual-coil pickup that rejects hum and interference, was a lifeline.

Humbuckers have been synonymous with the sound of rock & roll since the late 1960s, thanks to their rich, aggressive tone.

These pickups are great at rejecting hum and buzz, but they don’t have the same high-end responsiveness as single coils.

Some other factors to consider when choosing a Stratocaster Pickup

Consider the following crucial aspects while choosing the finest noise-free pickups for your strat:

  • Price 
  • Output 
  • Impedance
  • Input 
  • Sound

If you’re seeking the greatest noiseless strat pickups, I put together this list of the top four. There is a lot of competition on the market, especially among the budget-friendly options, which might be confusing for newcomers. I attempted to provide a variety of items to meet a variety of requirements so that everyone may find something useful.

These four noiseless strat pickups will give you the tone you want without the buzzing or humming. I hope you found this evaluation of the Best Noiseless Strat Pickups to be informative.

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