Best Capo for Taylor Acoustic Guitar [Complete Guide]

Taylor acoustic guitars like the Taylor GS Mini are parts of the most popular acoustic guitars. Are you in need of a capo for your Taylor acoustic guitars?

I have gathered a list of capo I recommend for Taylor acoustic guitars, including Taylor’s GS mini, Big Baby, Little Martin, etc. The list will be of great help.

Best Capo for Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Here is a list of the best capos for your Taylor acoustic guitars, including the Taylor gs mini, Big Baby, and Little Martin:

1. Shubb C1


The Shubb Capo has been in circulation for more than 35 years now, making it one of the oldest Capos in the world.


There have been tweaks on the Capo throughout the years but its mechanic principles still remain the same, it has a unique locking mechanism which provides the user with a combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease.

One flip of the level lock places the device firmly on the guitar and can be removed just as easily.

Shubb C1 Capo doesn’t create tuning problems for guitarists especially when playing.

It has a soft, resilient rubber which is specially designed to work effectively, it doesn’t bend the strings over the fretboard.


  • The device has a unique locking mechanism which provides the user with a combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease
  • It gives you no tuning issues.

2. G7th Performance 2 Capo


The silver performance Capo is made for Classical Guitar Clamps to the neck of the guitar. The capo helps in raising the pitch of the music while also facilitating effective chord fingering.

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The Capo has a squeeze-on, squeeze-off design which allows you to move it around the fretboard easily with just one hand.

A very important feature of this Capo is that it is notably smaller and lighter than many Capos.

It does not add unnecessary weight to the guitar and while doing these things it doesn’t affect the tone and the guitarist in the process

It is important to add that this Capo does not only come in silver color you might also see see in black.


  • It has a squeeze design to reduce tuning issues.
  • It is adaptable to any radius.
  • It has an easy one-handed operation
  • It works well on frets.


  • It is not more costly than many other capos

3. Dunlop Curved Toggle Capo


It was built by Jim Dunlop in the year 1965 at his home. The nickel-plated capo is light and simple to use, it doesn’t give you difficulties whatsoever.


It has an adjustable strap and it’s sleek which ensures that it doesn’t scratch or cause any other damage to the guitar neck and will not cause any hindrance when playing.

It is one of the early capos and its brilliant quality and design laid down the framework for its improvement and importance in improving the playing experience.

Its consistency of output and relevance even till the present day has been applauded by many guitarists and musicians.

The Dunlop Curved Toggle Capo was designed for the curved fingerboard and does not hinder the fingering. It works for 6-stringed and 12-stringed instruments.

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  • The Dunlop Curved Toggle capo is light and simple to use
  • It has an adjustable strap.

4. Ernie Ball Axis Capo


 It allows for easy, fast and accurate one-hand key changes. It is compatible with a six-string or seven-string, with either a flat or curved fretboard.

 It is easy to grip and it is made for smooth one-handed use and it gives you better change placement with ease, speed and accuracy.

It has precision moulded rubber pads that protect the guitar from scratch or dent. It has a buzz clamping pressure that helps the guitar sound.

It comes in varying colours, you can choose as you prefer.


  • It can be used on a six-string or seven-stringed guitar.
  • It is very easy to use, fast and it has an effective one-hand key change.

5. D’Addario Classical Capo


The D’Addario Classical Capo is designed for use on classical guitars. It was designed in collaboration with Ned Steinberger.

The D’Addario Classical Capo has an adjustment mechanism which enables players to dial in the tension needed for clear ringing tones without the use of excessive force on the neck of the guitar. This reduces the need to retune the guitar during and after playing.

It was made very strong and reliable and can withstand playing through many hours and touring schedules while also adding little to no weight or obstruction to the guitar.


  • The Capo has little to no weight and will not be a burden to the guitarist when playing for long hours.
  • It can be used on classical guitars.
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Best Capos for Taylor Acoustic Guitars – A Recap

I hope this helped you find the perfect capo for your Taylor acoustic guitars. Here are other blog posts you might also like:

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