Best Capo for Taylor Acoustic Guitar [Complete Guide]

Taylor acoustic guitars like the Taylor GS Mini are parts of the most popular acoustic guitars.

Taylor acoustic guitars boast of a variety of options when it comes to tonewoods that serve up different flavors of acoustic tones.

The capo, on the other hand, is a clamp designed to make your guitar sound higher in key, much like when you bar your finger across a higher fret.

The capo is a great way to improve your creativity on the guitar and expose yourself to various sounds and styles. And it makes playing on the other key besides C and G easier.

A capo is also a good option if you are looking for gift ideas for a guitar player that you know!

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Best Capo for Taylor Acoustic Guitars

best guitar capo for taylor GS Mini

A capo is a fantastic tool that facilitates excellent creative thinking while also making learning the guitar simpler and more enjoyable.

The primary purpose of a capo is to decrease the length of the neck, which enables you to change the key of a song without having to retune the guitar or learn a completely different set of chords.

This is useful when singing songs that were created for someone else since it allows you to quickly adjust the string’s pitch to match your vocal range from song to song.

The capo can add welcome pitch variety when playing fingerstyle instrumentals so that the tunes in a set don’t start to sound too similar to one another.

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You can also easily harmonize with other guitars by using capos.

Apart from the Thalia Capo and the Harley Benton Capo, there is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a capo for your guitar. Let’s check out some of this other capo:

1. Shubb S1


The S1 is designed to be a perfect fit for most electric and acoustic guitars. It fits into a variety of guitar neck shapes and sizes, is well-manufactured, and is quite adaptable. The Shubb S1 capo is made of stainless steel and has an adjustable screw for excellent and accurate tuning at any fret.

2. Paige Clik Guitar Capo


There are more moving parts in the Paige capo than most. Fortunately, it is built so well that this is not a problem.

This capo’s ability to be easily moved from one position to another without requiring the fretting bar to be unlocked is one of its main benefits.

The player simply unscrews the screw, moves it up or down the neck, and then screws it back in place.

3. G7th Performance 2 Capo


Unlike a trigger capo, the G7th Performance 2 capo is small and feels lightweight but it’s not cheap.

The release mechanism of the G7th capo is easy to operate with one hand and you can change it easily from one fret to another.

Another thing about this capo is its unique design. It allows you to attach it to the headstock of your guitar without the fear of it touching the bottom of your guitar case.

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4. Adagio Pro Deluxe

It has an oddly fascinating inlay at the end that allows you to pull out the pegs on your acoustic guitar while changing strings.

Unfortunately, there are numerous tuning problems with this capo. Each note is struck slightly sharply, so it must be placed precisely to avoid the string buzzing.

The distance between the clamp and the arm is small, so unless you fully open it by squeezing firmly, it is possible to pull a string when putting it on which causes you to bend it. This is true of most spring-loaded capos as well.

5. Dunlop Trigger Capo


This capo allows you to change keys on your guitar quickly and without stress with just a squeeze of your hand.

This capo’s sturdy spring-action clasp holds it firmly in place, and because of its small profile, you may play freely up and down the fingerboard.

The neck of your instrument is shielded from scratches by special padding


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